Widow of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle promotes new book ‘American Gun’

Chris Kyle's latest book is another bestseller.

Chris Kyle’s latest book is another bestseller. Image courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers

By K’Leigh Bedingfield

Texan News Service


After the murder of Chris Kyle, former Navy SEAL sniper and New York Times best-selling author, his wife, Taya Kyle, is keeping her husband’s legacy alive by completing and promoting his unfinished projects, including his new book, American Gun.

Chris Kyle was slain in February on a remote gun range at Rough Creek Lodge outside Glen Rose. He and his friend Chad Littlefield had taken a veteran, Eddie Ray Routh, to the range. Routh is accused of killing both men and fleeing in Kyle’s truck. He was arrested, charged with capital murder and remains in the Erath County Jail.

Routh, who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and hospitalized before the shootings, has been undergoing psychological evaluation. A grand jury has not yet heard the case.

Taya Kyle visited Waxahachie on Saturday for a book signing of her husband’s second New York Times best-selling book about the role of firearms in American life. She met with supporters at the Hastings bookstore located off of Highway 77.

American Gun was released June 4 and quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list (currently at No. 3 on the Times’ list in the Hard-Cover Nonfiction category). The book reveals how 10 firearms forever changed U.S. history.

According to HarperCollins Publishers, “Kyle masterfully shows how guns have played a fascinating, indispensable, and often underappreciated role in our national story.”

At the book signing, Taya Kyle sported her husband’s dog tags. After his death, she took part in helping to complete American Gun,along with co-author, William Doyle.

In the foreword, Taya Kyle wrote: “As you read American Gun, I hope you feel the presence of Chris with you. As you take a walk back in time with him, I hope you feel the excitement he had as you explore the remarkable role these guns had in shaping our great nation.”

She also reminisces about the characteristics of her Navy SEAL husband with his country roots.

“Perhaps you will join me in the memory I have of my handsome husband, a smile as big as the state of Texas, wearing his T-shirt and jeans, twirling his replica pistols in the Old West style as he reflects on his childhood, his love of the Old West, and the country he loved and devoted much of his life to. These are the stories that make up American Gun,” she wrote.

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News published June 1, Taya Kyle spoke about her biggest priorities on moving forward, saying she wants “to do right by my kids” and “do right by Chris.”

She continued to say in the interview that she still struggles with grief but is not looking for pity.

“Part of our job as responsible human beings is to take the hit and keep going. But don’t lose your heart, don’t lose your faith, don’t be cold, but keep trying,” she told the newspaper.

K’Leigh Bedingfield is a student journalist with the Texan News Service, a project of the Communication Studies Department at Tarleton State University in Stephenville. Bedingfield conducted what is believed to be the last recorded interview with Chris Kyle. You can hear it and read the transcript at www.texannews.net.

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