Who contributed to the hospital district PAC

Photo courtesy of Glen Rose Medical Center

Photo courtesy of Glen Rose Medical Center

By Kathryn Jones


Want to know who supported the Somervell County Hospital District Political Action Committee with their dollars?

We did. So we filed a Texas Public Information Act request with the Somervell County Clerk’s office and then scanned the reports.

See the cover page and total contributions and expenditures here:  PAC Report Totals

See the list of contributors here: PAC Political Contributions (please note the cover page scanned again, so you get it twice).

The PAC took in $5,557.60 in political contributions other than pledges or loan and spent $4,362.67, according to the report filed on April 29. Total political contributions maintained as of the last day of the reporting period were $1,644.93.

The individual contributing the most was PAC co-chair and developer James Burkhart, who made two contributions, one for $100 and one for $900. The smallest amount was $50 from numerous individuals.

Under expenditures, the PAC reported it spent $2,018 with Print One in Granbury to print a newsletter and $1,513.67 to the U.S. Postal Service for postage. As previously reported, the PAC mailed a four-page brochure to every registered voter in Somervell County to promote the hospital district and the May 11 election.

The other expenditures were $277.20 to Erath Publishers for newspaper advertising, $277.20 and $263.60 to the Glen Rose Reporter for newspaper advertising and $13 to Prosperity Bank for a check charge. The PAC also reported an in-kind contribution of $325.44 to Darrell Best for yard signs.

The hospital district passed by two votes — 740 to 738. Opponents filed a petition for a recount, which was held Friday. The recount by hand did not change the results and Somervell County Commissioners canvassed the votes and affirmed the outcome on Monday.

The PAC contributors include people you’d expect, such as hospital administrators, doctors, employees and members of the Hospital Authority Board and temporary hospital district board. But you may see some surprises, too.

We publish these reports in the interest of promoting government transparency and accountability, as well as in the spirit of public service journalism.

You also may view the names of the people who signed the petition to call the hospital district election and those who signed a petition for a recount in the Hospital District special section we created.


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