Tour a tough Texas landscape with Native Plant Society chapter

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Join the Prairie Rose Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas on July 1 to tour the unique and creative landscape of Gail Rankin. The tour begins at 6:30 p.m. at 2253 County Road 1011.

With no lawn, Rankin has used only native and adapted plantings to create a landscape to survive in the local “hard scrabble.” Rankin will share her many successes and  failures in incorporating the many landscape quality natives from their property, as well as purchased plants from GreenMaker Nursery in Stephenville where Rankin has worked for over 11 years.

Rankin has collected a wide variety of plants, many of them natives from other parts of Texas and other parts of the United States. Her landscape is a work in progress — some valuable lessons have been learned along the way, especially how plants deal with all the trials that Mother Nature keeps throwing at them — oak wilt, insect infestations, drought, extreme cold and heat, and so forth.

If anyone is interested in what NOT to do in their landscape, Rankin will graciously show some living examples why it may not be a good idea. As she says, ” If anyone is interested in OMG stories — good and bad — I have plenty to share.”

The program is free and open to the public.



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