Tarleton president praises staff for bomb threat response

By Kathryn Jones


Tarleton State University President Dominic Dottavio thanked faculty and staff Monday for their “extraordinary effort” in responding to a bomb threat that delayed some graduation ceremonies Saturday.

The campus community “went above and beyond the extraordinary by responding in a calm, professional and sensitive manner,” to the bomb threat between the university’s first and second commencement exercises, Dottavio said in an email message to Tarleton faculty and staff.

The ceremony quickly was moved from Wisdom Gym, the target of the threat, after authorities were notified that a note had been written on a wall of the women’s restroom there.

The gym was evacuated and police searched the scene. Later, the university issued a statement saying that the threat had been “eliminated.”

The commencement ceremony was moved to Memorial Stadium, delaying the event half an hour.

Tarleton President Dominic Dottavio said university faculty and staff went “above and beyond” to make sure Saturday’s graduation ceremonies went on despite a bomb threat at the Stephenville campus. (Photo courtesy of Tarleton State University)

After the decision to move the ceremony was made, “all those normally involved in commencement logistics and many who are not, worked diligently to provide a meaningful celebration for our students, their families and friends,” Dottavio said.

“With all of the details that are pre-planned and prescribed for our regularly scheduled commencement programs, it was truly remarkable that we were able to hold the ceremony with just a half hour delay,” he added.

Several Glen Rose residents were at the campus Saturday to attend the commencement exercises for family members or friends who were graduating.

“I was there shortly after noon for a friend’s graduation,” Janice Merchant said. “I thought the university handled the situation well and was quick in finding an alternative place for the graduation.”

Dottavio said that many students and family members who were involved in the ceremonies that had to moved “had the highest praise” for Tarleton’s faculty and staff.

“I join them in extending heartfelt thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty and for helping our students leave Tarleton with the recognition they deserve,” he added. “You distinguish this university everyday by your commitment to our students.  On Saturday, you demonstrated to the world that this is truly a place of uncommon spirit, pride and character.”



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