Tarleton parking costs: where the money goes


Booted car by Kasey Burgan

Booted car at Tarleton State University parking lot  Photo by Kasey Burgan

Recent Tarleton parking costs  

Project Number Project Name Total Project Cost Deferred Maintenance
02-15-0028 Main Campus Parking Expansion 2015 $             96,600.00 Design
05-14-0084 Construct Parking Lots P-25 and P-34 $        1,123,784.00 New Construction
05-14-0085 Annual Summer Parking Lot Rehab 2014 $           376,967.43 Capital Renewal
07-13-0068 P-23 Temporary Parking Expansion $             79,210.00 New Construction
07-13-0069 P-38 Temporary Parking Expansion – acct $             52,538.00 New Construction
07-13-0070 Rehab Parking Lot P-15 $             27,476.00 Capital Renewal
08-13-0071 Rehab Original P-9 Parking Lot $             15,844.00 New Construction
08-13-0072 Rehab Parking Lot P-15 $              3,456.00 Campus Improvement
09-14-0016 P-36 Parking Lot Tree Removal $             10,241.00 Landscape Removal
10-14-0031 Parking Lot P-9 Phase II Design $             43,352.00 Design
10-14-0031 Parking Lot P-9 Phase II  $           548,736.00 New Construction


By Kasey Burgan

Tarleton State University in recent years has spent $2 million to provide parking – more than three times the annual revenues received from parking fees.

Contrary to what many students might believe when they see vehicles with parking tickets, revenues from parking fines also have decreased, according to Harry Battson, vice president for marketing and communications.

Parking fine revenue has averaged $215,000 over the past 12 years, decreasing from a peak in 2009 of $300,000 to this year at $142,000,” Battson said in an email in response to questions from Texan News about where the money for parking fees and tickets goes.

Parking fine revenue supports scholarships, while parking fees are used “to pay the costs related to creation and maintenance of parking lots and related services,” Battson also said.

He provided figures that show last year students and employees paid $620,000 in parking fees.

Tarleton increasingly has been moving parking to the edges of campus to create an inner campus core of pedestrian malls and walkways.

“This will support an attractive, safe and walkable campus,” Battson said.

The Parking Advisory Committee will continue to meet to make recommendations for improving parking.

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