Public meeting set to hear tire recycling plant proposal

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[The following is from Larry S. Smith, chairman of the Economic Development Steering Committee and Council]

Somervell County may be well on its way to replacing tax revenue being lost due to nuclear plant devaluations.

The public has been invited to this meeting (Monday, March 10, at 1:30 p.m. in the Somervell County Annex) to learn more about a company that has expressed a desire to locate in Somervell County.

The company, SR20 Holdings LLC, has been recommended by the Center for Innovation as the result of the recent partnership obtained through efforts by this committee. Partnership with CFI provides the search engine for new business and a high degree of investigation of a new company before it is offered to a local partner.

As with all new technological advances, a certain amount of caution must be exercised to protect the company and time provided for local officials to exercise their due diligence. SR20 is backed by a letter from the Environmental Protection Agency on “air quality” and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, in an earlier statement, expressed no concerns regarding the environmental impact of the technological process.

This is the advantage of having CFI as a partner, not only to recruit new business, but also to introduce new technology that is environmentally sound and safe for our community. The agreement, if consummated, will be for a public/private partnership that will provide 120 jobs and millions of dollars in annual revenue with no investment of taxpayer funds.

Please plan to attend this meeting to learn more about SR20 and show your support for a company that is offering to bring new prosperity and a sound financial future.

This will, also, be an opportunity to answer or belay earlier concerns contained in a recent news article. Portions of this are taken from that article.

Somervell County officials met recently with SR20 representatives and have scheduled this meeting to inform community leaders and the general public.

As stated earlier, we will meet this Thursday, March 13. An agenda for that meeting will be sent early in the week. Topics will include reports on this meeting, the Certified Retirement Community meeting with the 4B Committee and we hope to have an update from Margaret Drake or Karen Richardson on the Paluxy River bridge project.


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