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Because we believe in public service journalism and offer the Glen Rose Current‘s content free, we appreciate sponsors who also believe in the cause and want to help us keep the lights on.

In the interest of total transparency, we also want you to know who has given us contributions. We have not written about any of our sponsors, by the way.

The largest contribution is from ourselves, founders Kathryn Jones and Dan Malone. We took money out of our retirement account to start the Current. Most of the other contributions are from journalism friends and family.

Below are our contributors thus far:

More than $5,000:

Kathryn Jones and Dan Malone, Walnut Springs

$200 to $500:

Charles and Grace Malone, Walnut Springs


Bruce Millar, Washington, D.C.

$50 and under:

Frank and Pat Barrow, Glen Rose

James Hollas, Austin

Mark, Kibby and Andrew Jones, Corpus Christi

Ken Prikryl and Judy Steadham, Glen Rose

We have not fully monetized the site yet and don’t have specific donation levels set up, but you can send your checks/cash/gold trinkets to:

Glen Rose Current

P.O. Box 151

Walnut Springs, TX 76690

Questions? Call us at (254) 974-0326 or email us at editor@glenrosecurrent.com. Thank you for your support!

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