Set goals, stay ‘green’ to grow business, Williams tells chamber members

By Kathryn Jones


Local entrepreneur Michael Williams knows a few things about setting goals.

That’s what he does regularly as head of his own Glen Rose-based M Companies, which include MW Supply and Mesa Tech Corp. in the county’s industrial park. He also serves on the board of First Financial Bank.

Williams proved himself to be an inspiring motivational speaker as he shared some of his business insights with members of the Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday at the group’s monthly lunch meeting. The event  at Stillwater Lodge drew a packed crowd of 56 people.

“Achieving goals is not easy,” Williams said.

First it requires asking yourself these questions, he said. What do you want? Really want? Ask honest questions of your goals.They must be achievable, believable, concrete and desirable.

Then ask yourself what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals.

That question is “really tough,” Williams said.

Success is “going to cost something,” he added. “Sometimes the biggest cost is comfort.

“What behaviors, habits, beliefs are you willing to give up for this new goal? It’s going to take a sacrifice.”

Another significant question: how do you get your goal by helping others get theirs?

“This is where it can get magical,” Williams said. “Influence is a big, big deal.

“If you ever get in the business of influence, you can achieve your goals faster,” he continued. “What it means is you can get your goals by helping others get theirs.”

Your two greatest assets are two groups of people, Williams noted — those with the most to gain by your success and those with the most to lose if you fail.

“Think about those groups of people,” Williams said. “They can help you succeed because they’re helping themselves succeed at the same time.”

Write out your goals and look at them through the eyes of a child, Williams advised. Are they sincere? Take off the veneer.

Another question to ask is, What would your life look like if fear were not part of it?

When you are “green” you are growing, Williams added. “When you are ripe, you rot.”

That means not being afraid to “be a little dumb,” someone that “just doesn’t know any better.

“You have look at it and go, so what they tell me this won’t work?” Williams said. “That’s when amazing things can happen. So stay green. Stay dumb like me. There are a lot of things I just don’t know and the more I think I do know, that’s where I make my mistakes.”

Everyday look at the top three things that can bring you to your goal and focus on the first one, he advised. Separate the urgent from the important. You’ll find out there actually are two categories, he added.

“Time and information are our economy. Money is just a way of keeping score,” Williams said.

Williams then asked the audience what retirement means to them.

“Fear,” one person said.

“Working harder than what you did when you were actually working,” another audience member said. “And not making any money.”

“Doing what I want to do, when I want to do it,” another person responded.

“That’s it,” Williams said. “The new retirement is working on what you want to work on when you want to work on it and with whom you want to work on it.”

Your business is your nest egg, he added. A survey of business owners showed that 86 percent said their retirement investment is in their business.

Williams showed a photograph of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He’s a really bad example of a succession plan, Williams said.

“Success means you get to influence your business rather than just being so myopic that you can’t see what’s going on around it. This guy’s a bad leader,” Williams said to laughs from the audience.

Success also means being good enough to provide the vision, the strategy, and the plan, he added.

“What we would tell Jerry is you can affect more by managing down,” Williams said. ” It’s OK for someone else to look good, too.”

That comment drew more laughter.

Finally, Williams offered this definition of success:

“True success is when you get to work on your business — and not just in your business.”






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