Sales tax data reflects strong spring break for tourism

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center  draws thousands of visitors to Glen Rose over spring break. Photo by Megan Peterson

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center draws thousands of visitors to Glen Rose every spring break. Photo by Megan Peterson

By Kathryn Jones


Spring break visitors must have spent a little more this year, pushing Glen Rose’s sales tax receipts up 38.6 percent from the year before, according to figures from the Texas Comptroller’s office.

The sales tax figures in the comptroller’s most recent report represent monthly sales made in March as well as January, February and March sales by businesses that report tax quarterly.

In its monthly comparisons, the comptroller’s office put Glen Rose’s sales tax payments at $106,295 as of May, compared with $76,698 a year ago. For the first five months of the year, sales tax payments rose 19.2 percent to $423,138.

The city typically experiences a spike in retail sales and services due to increased tourism over spring break.

So far, Glen Rose is on track to surpass 2013 sales tax receipts allocated to the city by the state.

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said in a prepared statement that as of May 30, sales tax collections as well as job growth and building permits “signal that the Texas economy continues to outpace the national economy.”

See how this year’s sales tax allocation data compares to previous years. Figures were provided by the Texas Comptroller’s office:

City of Glen Rose Sales Tax

Payments from State

  2014 2013 2012 2011
JAN 65,606.24 65,532.32 62,882.88 59,491.02
FEB 76,844.68 76,903.48 81,079.43 86,849.95
MAR 61,739.41 66,722.61 62,113.47 60,589.15
APR 112,652.11 69,073.29 61,180.52 56,798.41
MAY 106,295.43 76,688.99 83,079.49 79,948.45
JUN . 72,092.22 70,727.53 71,379.44
JUL . 63,881.66 89,046.88 66,205.69
AUG . 79,684.98 76,366.02 101,427.28
SEP . 67,419.48 70,027.94 72,644.80
OCT . 78,996.83 67,041.86 72,080.41
NOV . 75,749.94 79,131.82 79,051.01
DEC . 66,522.48 71,443.73 70,176.05
TOTAL 423,137.87 859,268.28 874,121.57 876,641.66



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