Randy Mac’s Livin’ It Up: Don’t call ME ‘Iron Man’

Randy Mac

Randy Mac

Sometimes in just the activities of day-to-day living I’m reminded of a story. So it was just a few minutes ago while ironing my shirt.

I started ironing my clothes years ago after Robbie was diagnosed with lupus. The kids were little and I knew she had her hands full, battling the disease and trying to be “Mom” at the same time. We worked together to get Rachael and Reid ready for school. At that same time I was getting ready for my day of work at the church.

My position at the church was “Minister of Youth and Recreation.” We had a gym and a large part of some of my days was spent there, working on equipment or preparing for our regular youth activities. I seldom wore dress clothes to the office. Sometimes I was in jeans and tennis shoes, and often I would wear the then-popular “wind pants.” They were made of lightweight nylon and were very comfortable.

I had gotten a pair of Nike wind pants that were some of my favorites. They were black and had “Nike” embroidered in white at the top of one of the front pant pockets. They were, even for wind pants, purdy dressy.  When I would take ‘em out of the dryer there would always be significant wrinkling.  They could be ironed, but since they were made of nylon, they had to be ironed on a very low setting.

On one particular fall morning we were in our normal buzzing about the house, getting Rachael and Reid up, dressed and fed, and me getting myself ready for the day as well. I decided to wear my Nike pants that day.

I set the ironing board up and turned the iron on to “delicate” (low). I went off to take care of other things while the iron warmed up, returning a few minutes later to iron those pants.

How well I remember laying the right leg of the pants on the ironing board and getting it straightened and ready for ironing. How well I remember that as soon as I touched the iron to the thigh area of that pant leg there was an immediate hole at LEAST the size of the iron blown in the material. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?

Turned out that when I left the iron to go take care of other things, Robbie had ironed Reid’s blue jeans. She had turned the iron up to “cotton” (HOT) to do so, then turned it back down to “delicate.” Obviously, I had grabbed the iron immediately after she was finished with it.

My favorite Nike wind pants were no more.

Either on that day, or on a day soon after, I was visiting with a friend of mine at the newspaper office. She had not heard yet of my most recent ironing event, but had clipped a newspaper cartoon out for me, saying she thought I’d enjoy it. It was a picture of an old man standing knock-kneed at the ironing board, smoke bellowing upward. The caption underneath?

“Two things men CAN’T do: Have babies…and iron.”

Life IS an adventure. I’m livin’ it up!

Randy McLelland, known as “Randy Mac,” is pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship and an entertainer. He can be reached at randymac@randymac.com.

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