Randy Mac’s Livin’ It Up: Call me a dead ringer for love

Randy Mac

Randy Mac

I visited recently with my longtime friend and fellow member of the 1973 graduating class of Barbers Hill High School, Kenneth Barrow. I met him in 1965 when my family moved from Pasadena to Mont Belvieu — and took me with ‘em. We became good friends fast.

THEN I met his sister.  It was love at first sight for this fifth grader.

Jodi was a couple of years older than me. I reckon she still is. I worked hard to gain her attention, writing love notes and just acting stupid in her presence. (I was sure THAT would impress her. It didn’t.)

I’m not saying she wouldn’t give me the time of day. She was nicer than that. But how often can one ask a beautiful girl “What time is it?” before she figures out what one’s really up to?

When Kenneth and I were in the seventh grade, Jodi was in the eighth.  Since we were all in junior high together, we obviously had recess periods at the same time. During those mid-morning breaks from our educational laboring — when the weather was good — my buddies and I would head straight to the horseshoe pits. We always played “winner stays up.”

One fall morning I had lost the game I was playing and was waiting for my opportunity take a pit again. I remember Kenneth being in the south pit and I think Lee Ray or Mack was in the north box. Doesn’t really matter. Unknown to me, Kenneth had flung a shoe, trying a new finger-on-top grip. He had released it late and launched it way above a normal trajectory. I went to cross between the pits.

Kenneth hollered, “RANDY, LOOK OUT!!!”  I took a quick step back — directly under the falling horseshoe.

That thing hit me right square in the middle of the top of my head. I mean DEAD CENTER. I went to the ground in the sitting position. I could feel warm liquid running down my face. The guys all ran over to me. Kenneth loudly announced, “Oh my gosh!  He has a HUGE gash in his head!!!”

That made me feel better. Not.

Kenneth and somebody else grabbed me under my arms, lifted me to my feet and were hustling me to the school nurse. If anybody could put a head back together, it would be Ms. Armstrong.  As we made our way across the school grounds I could see various huddles of various junior high girls, doing what junior high girls did in those days. Talkin’.

Then I spotted Jodi in one of the huddles. She was lookin’ at the three of us as we passed and I noticed she was cryin’!  Even though I was pourin’ blood and my head was pounding, I remember the thrill of knowing that she cared for me! All of my work to get to her over the past two years had paid off. Finally!

I also remember how I felt when I found out she was crying because she was afraid Kenneth was gonna get in trouble for hittin’ me with a horseshoe.

Life’s an adventure. I’m livin’ it up!!!

Randy McLelland, known as “Randy Mac,” is pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship and and entertainer. He can reached at randymac@randymac.com.

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