Randy Mac’s Livin’ in Up: A sticky situation, Part 1

Randy Mac

Randy Mac

Needless to say, I, as many, have said things from time-to-time that, in retrospect, make us realize it really IS good to “think before you speak.”

When I was serving as youth minister at First Baptist, Haskell, we had been blessed over the first two years to watch God richly bless and that ministry grow significantly. Initially, there were some 15 or so students attending the Wednesday night gatherings in our recreational/conference area. Within a couple of years that number had quadrupled.

Around mid-September of that third year I spontaneously threw out a challenge to the group on a Wednesday night:

“If you guys can get 90 students in here on a Wednesday night by the first week in October, I’ll let y’all molasses-and-feather me.”

Two weeks later there were MORE than 90 students at our Wednesday night Bible study.

In my mind I had already pictured how the event would happen. We’d cover a large area of our gym floor with plastic, and the students would have opportunity to cover me with molasses and feathers (from some feather pillows). Afterwards, I’d have my adult workers carefully roll the plastic up and take it out of the building and I’d step outside to get myself cleaned up. That was MY plan. Seemed like a good one.

Turned out that the folks around town had other ideas. We’d been in Haskell long enough that everybody purdy well knew me from the various events I’d been a part of.  And when they heard about the challenge and resulting upcoming “pay-up,” they decided it needed to be a community event.

In those days there was a push to support our area businesses on the second weekend or each month. It was called “Super Second Saturdays in Haskell.” It was a big deal.  Businesses on the square would have huge sales, and vendors would offer their goods all over the courthouse square. Haskell-ites (and others) flocked in for this day.  And so it was decided that the molasses-and-feathering should happen on the big stage on the square on THAT Saturday…in November.

It was a beautiful, sun-shiny day. But it was purdy cold. Early afternoon found hundreds of folks gathering around as the stage was being set. I remember well the laughs, cheering, jeering, and chanting from the crowd.  t reminded me somewhat of the public lynchings I’d seen in some of the old Western movies. (Or maybe it brought to mind walking onto the football field years ago for an early-morning hot, summer workout — and seeing adults eagerly waiting in the stands to watch us suffer.)

Finally it was time. I took center stage, wearing shorts, a T-shirt, tennis shoes and goggles. The students who were a part of our ministry gathered around, with seven jars of “Grandmother’s Molasses,” several feather pillows and one twin-size feather mattress…all donated by church members and others around town.

(This is one of the stories that can’t be told in one installation of “Livin’ It Up.”  I’ll finish it next week!)

Life’s an adventure. I’m livin’ it up!

Randy McLelland, known as “Randy Mac,” is pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship and and entertainer. He can reached at randymac@randymac.com.

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