Native Plant Society local chapter to discuss Texas Native Plant Week, certification program

Photo courtesy of Texas Native Plant Society

Photo courtesy of

Texas Native Plant Society

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Exciting things are coming to the Prairie Rose Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.

In addition to this Tuesday’s special program on “Sustainable Horticulture Using Native & Adapted Plant Materials,” the Aug. 6 meeting will take ideas for celebrating the chapter’s First Texas Native Plant Week from Oct. 20 to 26. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. at the Somervell County Citizens Center.

During the Texas Native Plant Week, some suggestions for participating might be include:

* Holding a native plant sale.

*Donating books on native plants to public or school libraries.

* Contacting city council members and county commissioners to declare Texas Native Plant Week for local communities.

* Setting up a display on native plants in a library or a school.

* Setting up an educational booth on native plants at plant sales or other public events.

In addition, the Prairie Rose Chapter is among only a few chosen to sponsor a Native Landscape Certification Program. This Level 1 course will be offered on Sept. 2 at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Students will learn to:

*Identify 50 species of native Texas trees, shrubs, flowering plants and grasses.

*Understand the ecological benefits these plants provide.

* Discover the human benefits that native plants offer.

*Be a better steward of the land.

* Receive a Level 1 Native Landscape Certification.

Targeted audiences are native plant enthusiasts, landscape architects, landscape designers and nurserymen and -women, Master Naturalists, teachers, Master Gardeners, engineers and interested citizens.

Come learn more about the program at the chapter’s Aug. 6 meeting.

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