Minutes of council executive session on city administrator, city secretary

The Glen Rose Current has obtained the unofficial minutes of the June 13 Glen Rose City Council executive session called on two personnel matters relating to the city administrator and the city secretary.

They are unofficial because the council has not yet voted to approve the minutes. That likely will happen at the council meeting in July. Read the minutes here: MINUTES SPECIAL 6-13-2013

Under the Texas Government Code, city councils may meet in closed session to discuss certain items, including “personnel matters.” The council must reconvene in open session to take any action on items that were discussed in the executive session.

The council met for almost one-and-a-half hours before Mayor Dennis Moore opened the special meeting in open session.

According to the minutes, the council “agreed that the action on the Executive Session will be handled by the Personnel Policy Manual.”

Then the meeting was adjourned.

Moore said he could not discuss anything about the meeting except the action that was taken in open session.

However, sources have told the Current that City Administrator Ken West is “in the crosshairs” of at least one council member who has been an opponent of the city’s hiring of a city administrator. --Kathryn Jones, editor

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  1. Steve Allen Reply

    June 25, 2013 at 11:44 am

    West has pooed in a LOT of peoples plate. He had made some comments to several about me that was really a poor taste of judgement. Im still trying to figure out what it is he does? Oh thats right collect a pay check. YOUR FIRED!

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