Letter to the Editor: What I took away from the latest hospital board meeting

accesories-text-editor-hiHere’s what I walked away with after tonight’s meeting of the Board of the Somervell County Hospital District, 06/26/14:

1. The financials for our hospital are holding and are within acceptable range. Thank you for your clear presentation, Mr. (Michael) Honea.

2. The transition of therapy services for the nursing home to an outside provider will reduce GRMCs costs while maintaining necessary services, and that all employees affected by this change had the choice to keep their jobs as employees of the new provider if they chose to do so.

3. The excellent score received by our hospital for its most recent Joint Commission inspection was largely unappreciated and not understood by most of the board and the audience. That’s OK because I realize that this is one of the many things in our health care system that those outside of it could not possibly understand. A good score is a really big deal. Congratulations, GRMC, once again, for your good work!

4. The drive to modify the bylaws is basically much ado about nothing. Mr. (Ron) Hankins made the point that the problem is not necessarily in the bylaws but with those inexperienced board members who, in their push to make many changes quickly, were simply not paying attention to recommended protocol.

5. Thumbs up to the gentleman from Pecan Plantation who offered his card and contact information to the board because he had been told that some of them and their wives had tried to check out the clinic at Pecan and were turned away. He extended an invitation to them to visit with him as their guide.

6. The elephant in the room, the unresolved problem of the tie vote between Mr. (Eugene) Brode and Mr. (Paul) Harper, is on more minds than just mine, and the board was reminded once more that this needs to be dealt with.

7. Mr. Ray Reynolds, CEO, has excellent command of the operations of our hospital and knows how to communicate the necessary information to the board and community.

8. The diligence of this community in holding this board’s feet to the fire is essential and effective.

Suzanne Gentling

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