Letter to the Editor: Washington needs to face hard truths about Social Security, health care

accesories-text-editor-hiWe have all heard, and likely agreed, with the sentiments expressed by the Honorable Mr. Hamilton (in Lee Hamilton’s column currently running, titled “A Debate We Can Never Resolve”).

I hope that I see the day that a hard truth in the halls of our governance can be accepted by both sides and dealt with as such. A hard truth would be one that is first, truth that most men of common sense would acknowledge.

And second, a truth that suggest some painful actions are needed. Right now we have many hard truths staring us right in the face. And many of those have been side-stepped for a long time. In fact, many of them have beget situations that are in their own right, other hard truths. Social Security is one such as that. Paying for health care is another.

Social Security is unsustainable. When the second Bush tried to get cooperation to fix it with very modest goals, he was destroyed. Why? Because it was easy for the Democrats to destroy him on that issue using scary claims. Just claim he was trying to hurt old people. A lie, of course. Who in Congress is going to open himself up for that? What Congress or President has the courage to die trying to get some bi-partisan help on this one?

On health care, we now have Obamacare as a fix. It becomes clearer every day that this fix is like surgery with a chainsaw. The hard truth is, we cannot fix this with tricky insurance schemes. Insurance IS the problem. Anytime you put a 3rd party between the consumer and the vendor, like we do with insurance companies, the cost will go up, up, and away. The increasing costs will now increase even at a faster rate with a huge bureaucracy behind it. I hate to be flippant, but duh? What did we expect?

These are just two hard issues that no reasonable solution seems to be in the offing because they would be hard on lots of us.

Instead they tax us more, and then say they need more taxes still, and now Obama is all set to make the case in his next big speech that we need to spend more and tax more. Sorry, Mr. President, but even a tidal wave of taxes will not smother the raging debt that you are still incurring.

Of course, there seems to be no room to reach a “consensus.” Because we cannot go half bankrupt. We can only go bankrupt, period. That’s the hard truth.

Mack Hargrave

Glen Rose

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