Letter to the Editor: The ‘Big Top’ … or ‘pup tent’

accesories-text-editor-hiWhether we like it or not, Somervell County registered voters will be casting ballots for the creation of a hospital district on May 11, 2013.  You have the opportunity to vote ‘yes” or “no” on the proposition.  I encourage each registered voter to exercise their right to vote.

Now, enough about the election, it is going to happen!

As Toby Keith says, ‘I want to talk about me’’!  My personal and financial integrity has been attacked by the “ringmaster, or masters,” of The Big Top. I consider it not a Big Top, but a “pup tent.” Whomever you may be, you don’t have to send your “dancing chicken” to a local financial investment business and accuse me of being an employee and funneling investments to accept financial gain. I do not know who you are, but feel free to contact me personally. My telephone number is in the local phone book.

I spoke to the “dancing chicken” that danced for you in this incident. He indicated he was given the wrong information and could not verify any information he was given.  His words to me were, “you are clean, along with two other women he was investigating.” I asked him if he would tell me from whom he got the erroneous information, but he declined.

So, Mr. Ringmasters, if you want to discuss my integrity with me, “man-up” and give me a call. Let’s meet face to face. Put your little top hat on and I’ll dance with you.

Mr. Jim Willis, thank you for being honest with me. You do not know me and I do not know you, but I appreciate our conversation!

Gary Whittle

Somervell County resident and vice-chair of the Somervell County Hospital Authority



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