Letter to the Editor: ‘Sore losers’ behind petition to dissolve hospital district

accesories-text-editor-hiI am constantly baffled why anyone listens to anything the Harpers (Paul and Debbie of the Somervell County Salon blog) have to say. Just a few years ago, Paul Harper ran for local office and was SOUNDLY defeated to the point of embarrassment because no one shared his political beliefs. If there is anyone who is totally against anything good for this community, it is Paul.

Now he attacks the hospital district, which was voted in by our Democratic voting system just proving once again that he is a sore loser and, unfortunately, he has a few people who are willing to follow him, including possibly one or two of our county leaders. What happened to the “majority has spoken?” I pay taxes for many services (i.e., schools) that I do not personally use because that is what “responsible” community members do.

I appreciate our hospital and the excellent staff who work there and will gladly pay our taxes to see it continue. I think it is time for the dissenters to “man-up” and realize that they lost. Paul Harper is very vocal and loves to accuse the hospital of lack of administration. He wants the county commissioners to regain control of the hospital when, in fact, it was the commissioners who declined to raise taxes just a little year after year in order to cover the operating cost of the hospital leading it to be in such financial straits.

If they force the issue and the district is dissolved, then there will definitely be a large increase in county taxes because they cannot afford to operate as in the past. Do not listen to the disgruntled losers. Look at all the facts.

Cathy Hankins

2 Responses to Letter to the Editor: ‘Sore losers’ behind petition to dissolve hospital district

  1. Paul Harper Reply

    May 30, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    I don’t take your verbal attacks personally Cathy Hankins, sticks and stones! You can attack me and the people that sign the petition all you like, it won’t stop us from pursuing our goal to eliminate the new property tax!

    Quit trying to scare people…like with your ‘definitely be a large increase in county taxes’ which has no fact to it. The County Commissioners have NOT said they will increase taxes but they did say they would keep the hospital open but probably with reduced services. They declined to raise taxes last year but you somehow think they will ‘definitely’ do it now, give us all a break with the scare tactics.

    It is not the County Commissioners fault that the hospital is in dire straights like you are trying to imply, it is those that manage the hospital…that’s actually who should be blamed. If Pecan Plantation is so profitable why can’t the hospital finance themselves? Because the hospital leaders want something they cannot afford but are willing to stick the taxpayers with the difference instead of cutting back to what is financially doable with the income they have like most people have to do with their own budgets.

    Don’t let Cathy Hankins or others scare you, sign the petition and let’s eliminate the new property tax! Let’s put some responsible elected folks like the County Commissioners in charge of the hospital instead of an appointed board!

  2. Cheryl Norton Reply

    May 30, 2013 at 11:11 am

    Those that follow the “fool” are more foolish than the “fool.” And yes I agree Paul Harper is a fool and has been since he first arrived. He never is really “for” an issue, he is always “against” something or someone.

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