Letter to the editor: ‘Lost opportunity’ for informed decision on tire recycling plant

accesories-text-editor-hiMy article last week was written in an attempt to appease the naysayers  and dissenters. That was a mistake. It was ludicrous to call for more investigation of a company (SR2O Holdings LLC) and project that have already received approval from government agencies that include the EPA, universities, major corporations, financial institutions, insurance underwriters and others, which includes our own economic development partner who was thoroughly investigated before we entered into a partnership. It was naïve on my part to believe that people with a negative outlook would be swayed by a positive and logical solution.

Before we can move forward, we must get our own house in order and, to do that, we need a thorough evaluation of our own priorities and goals. We must not allow ourselves to be swayed by a select few who choose to speak out against before they listen. We have lost an opportunity to make an intelligent and informed decision because of vocal opposition that was not based on scientific fact nor was it predicated on reasonable or sound judgement.

Those who live near the site that had been selected by SR2O had legitimate reason for concern and to inquire specifically but, I differ with their chosen approach and tactics. Hopefully, the next company will receive a fairer hearing before they are tarred, feathered and run out of town by negative publicity and unfounded claims on the Internet.

We have an embarrassing and costly situation with the salon (Somervell Salon) and I was asked to read it, for the first time, by a friend. I found nothing in it to be informative, enlightening, entertaining or that is uplifting to the human spirit. What I did find are negative opinions of just about everything and everybody.

As one who writes about the beauty and the good people of Glen Rose and Somervell County, I find it very disturbing that an Internet inquirer can unwittingly connect to a site so venomous and negative about our great community and its people who are dedicated to its improvement. I can only say that its writers and respondents must be so miserable and obsessed with their own lives with nothing else to do that they have chosen this as a means of aversion and a way to gain attention.

Although I did not find my name in it during my brief viewing, I am sure this column will gain my entry but, that is good news for I will be in the company of others who work diligently to accomplish good things for all the people of Glen Rose and Somervell County. However, I will not see it because this was my first and last viewing. I hope that you and others will join me in this decision. I choose to spend my time in positive endeavors with positive people and to look at the beauty in life while living it to its fullest.

Larry P. Smith


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