Letter to the Editor: Hospital makes community stronger

accesories-text-editor-hiThank you for your unbiased support to the citizens of Glen Rose and Somervell County regarding the establishment of the PAC for a Hospital District and for the future of our medical facility. But I would plead with our citizens to support the Hospital District effort. The PAC worked hard in keeping the issue before the public and in presenting the facts of how a district could be of great benefit to our citizens. The open meetings were held, all guidelines of the state and federal governments were met, and all efforts to inform everyone of the meetings was fully supplied.

Without the support of the community the medical benefits we have today will simply disappear. We will still be obligated to pay the bond debt which was generated by our citizens vote just a very few years ago. This debt will be paid whether or not! It makes sense to me to have a hospital and doctors nearby that I can use rather than a bill I have to pay and an empty building. Taxes will have to be met by a raise in our current tax regardless.

Somervell County has been blessed to be among the lowest taxing counties in our great State of Texas. We are fortunate to have been supplied with tax revenue from Comanche Peak and it has always been common knowledge that this would be reduced by devaluation at some point. It has also been known that eventually we would have to pick up some slack by raising our taxes. I have found nothing to substantiate a planned effort was made to save us from this day that we are now facing.

But I do realize that what we would lose with a demise of our health facility will never be recovered and that we will not only lose residents because of lack of employment we will not attract new residents to our area. It will kill our efforts to become a Certified Retirement Community which would attract new monies and new jobs locally plus other benefits to each of our families. This hospital has served me and my families since it’s doors first opened with Dr. Hanna. It is important to keep our hospital open and our family doctors intact.

We are also fortunate to have a facility that is sought out by not only us locals, but we are of service to the surrounding cities and communities. Monies to support our hospital also comes from their pockets to our hospital. Our neighbors are also quick to voice their support and gratitude to Somervell County and our medical facility. This adds to what keeps our facility growing. Let’s work together to become all we can be.

Please attend the meetings of the Hospital District Board and find out for yourselves what avenues need to be addressed and how we each can do our part in the action. The State of Texas and the federal government supply the guidelines and we must be diligent in having a board that is knowledgeable of these guidelines. Depending on the voices of our neighbors to take care of our business is pointless. Be there and be aware!

Joan Echols Taylor

Glen Rose

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