Letter to the Editor: Enough with the hospital board

accesories-text-editor-hiChip Harrison, John Parker, Eugene Brode and Paul Harper, four of seven board members for our Hospital District, voted for what appears to be a secretly negotiated contract for additional consultation with T.O.R.C.H., and against a strategy session between the board and hospital administration to discuss whether or not there is even a need for such a contract.

This new contract was a surprise to everyone, except the four who voted for it, because the board was never presented with a motion to request a second contract with T.O.R.C.H. in the first place. The unexpected motion to commit to the contract was made by Paul Harper.

These same four were not interested in discussing the recommendations from the first consultation by T.O.R.C.H., or the action plan prepared by CEO, Mr. Ray Reynolds, and his staff, that addresses those recommendations and priorities. They also declined to answer any questions about the origin of this contract or who recommended it. As far as I can tell, it was not one of the 18 recommendations from the first T.O.R.C.H. survey, although they wouldn’t answer this question, either. Why not?

My guess is that this idea most likely originated with Paul Harper, because no other explanation makes sense, even though Harrison and Parker are clearly proponents of the contract. As we know, Harper is anxious to validate his public accusations that GRMC is riveted with mismanagement and fraud, because this is the premise upon which his entire platform is based. But Harper has a problem. After months of serving on this board, he still hasn’t been able to uncover a smoking gun, and the first T.O.R.C.H. survey didn’t either. Harper probably thinks that additional digging by high-priced consultants will eventually expose some dreadful secret that will prove to everyone that he was right all along, the one thing that seems to be his priority in all matters.

From the beginning, this board has been repeatedly obstructed by Harper’s intransigent opinions and the others on the board who blindly follow him. The wasted time, energy and money caused by this travesty is an insult and embarrassment to our entire community. Paul Harper should resign his position on the Hospital District board immediately. I also suggest to Chip Harrison and John Parker that you reexamine your intentions, priorities and performance as board members. If you can’t manage to realign with the real business you are charged with, then you should resign also. We’ve really had enough of this fiasco.

Suzanne Gentling

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