Letter to the Editor: Emergencies show need for hospital, district

 accesories-text-editor-hiAs I contemplate the upcoming election, including whether or not to have a hospital district, and the effects it can have on our community if we lose our local hospital, I ask this question …


A while back, I was working on our patio and fell very hard and hit my head on the stone. Believe me, I was glad the hospital was close and available as I had a serious concussion. I could have lost vision in my right eye if qualified and concerned medical attention and services had not been close by.

Another incident occurred late one evening as I was putting yard equipment into the workshop and stumbled and fell against a very sharp tree pruner. Blood gushed and filled my shoe. This was frightening to my wife and myself because I take blood thinner and could quickly bleed out. Again, we whisked to the local hospital and the emergency room personnel quickly took care of the problem.

As I write this, a medical helicopter flies over our house as they often do. Maybe one of my friends is being transported. In any event, someone who is loved is being rushed to medical treatment. Could this be you?

Without Glen Rose Medical Center and without its helicopter pad, could someone’s life be in danger?

Think about it and please vote “yes” for a hospital district on May 11.

Charley Thomas







One Response to Letter to the Editor: Emergencies show need for hospital, district

  1. Ann Claybaugh Reply

    March 22, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Hope many will read your letter and understand the importance of having excellent medical care so close and vote “yes”.

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