Letter to the Editor: Community needs GRMC and a vote for the hospital district

accesories-text-editor-hiWhen I relocated to Glen Rose in the fall of 2009, little did I know how important the Glen Rose Medical Center would become for me and my family. Being relatively young, the question of whether or not Glen Rose had a good hospital never crossed my mind when I choose to move here.

My first experience was in the summer of 2010 when my hand was injured during a Jeep ride at a friend’s ranch. An ambulance was not available at the time, so my parents transported me to the Glen Rose Medical Center emergency room. During the drive, my Mom called ahead to let the hospital know the nature of my injury. When we arrived, the trauma team had already been activated and a nurse was waiting for my arrival with a wheelchair.

Everything moved quickly — I was assessed, X-rays taken, pain meds given and then options were discussed. I was transferred to Harris Methodist Fort Worth to see a hand surgeon and my hand was saved with the exception of two finger tips. In the days that followed my accident, the physician from the Glen Rose Medical Center emergency room called each day to check on me.

I do not think my story is any more unique or special than the stories of many other citizens of Somervell and Hood Counties. My family and I are active and thus seem to get ourselves into all sorts of scrapes. We have utilized not only the emergency room but the clinic and hospital as well and have experienced only the best of care and compassion.The Glen Rose Medical Center has been there for our family and I sincerely hope that its legacy of care will continue far into the future.

As you ponder whether or not to vote for the hospital district, I ask you to consider this — would you want to drive another 20 minutes when your hand is crushed, or you are having a heart attack, or when your Mom is being admitted to the hospital? I know I do not want to drive further for care. Our community needs and deserves a hospital and physicians to provide for the medical needs of our families and friends . Please show your support for the Glen Rose Medical Center by voting YES for a hospital district.

Ann Best

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