Letter to the Editor: Bug is part of Glen Rose’s ‘quirkiness’

The painted VW Beetle recently got a spring makeover. Photo by Kathryn Jones/GR Current

I have lived in Glen Rose for a little over three years. I have not only grown to love Glen Rose, but now consider it my home.

I have always loved the beauty of this small and quirky town. The Hollywood & Vine sign and, of cours,e the Bug at Junkyard Dog are all part of the quirkiness. It gives a little small town some flavor. Makes it stand out from the other surrounding towns.

Deidra (Cockerham) and The Junkyard Dog are part of what made me fall in love with this place. Her smile is only outshined by her kind heart. Her creativity is a gift to this community – a community that has been hit hard by the difficult economy.

I would think the city would be looking for ways to keep this town goin; instead of pointing their focus to remove the Bug. How about buy her paint, shake her han, and thank her for her part in making this community great!

Small town politics is a petty waste of time if not focused on REAL community concerns. Real concerns like the many empty buildings downtown. The dow town square shopping use to be how I filled my Saturdays. Sadly, the square has been another victim of the horrible economy. Watching shop after shop close has been hard to see. I would think anyone with an ounce of business sense would want to add all the attractions they can to draw tourists in, so that empty buildings can start to fill up again.

I see people all the time taking their picture next to the Bug, the statues on the square, and of course in front of the HW&V sign. Strange though, I have never not once witnessed a tourist walk a block off  the square to have their photo taken with City Administrator Ken West or any other city official.

If you have Facebook and keep up with Joel Osteen, his current status is this “Stick up for your family. Stick up for your friends. God is counting on us to make deposits of joy, encouragement and praise.” Deidra is our family and the Bug is even our friend. They both are worth standing up for. God Bless.

Stacey Polk

Glen Rose

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