Learn about native landscaping at Native Plant Society meeting

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TUESDAY, November 5 — 6:30p.m.

Somervell County Citizens Center

209 S.W. Barnard St., Glen Rose

Special to the Current

Our extended drought doesn’t have to leave you with a lifeless, dried-up landscape.

A well-planned, sustainable Texas native landscape can provide a thriving and green outdoor space with year-round color and wildlife habitat without a lot of maintenance and water requirements.

Native landscaping is as simple as taking cues from what works in nature – Texas native plants are suited to our soil and climate, need no special amendments or fertilizers. Once established, natives also need little to no water as most can survive on rainfall alone.

Dr. Michael Wade

Dr. Michael Wade

Dr. Michael R. Wade, professor of environmental and agricultural management at Tarleton State University and contributor to Texas Gardener Magazine, will show us how to design with native plants and give us a picture presentation of native landscape plantings.

Mark your calendar as this is our last program of this year.

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