Junk or art? City’s warning about painted ‘Beetle’ bugs local residents

By Kathryn Jones


The saying goes that someone’s junk is another person’s treasure.

In this case, a local business’ version of artful advertising is junk in the eyes of the city’s code enforcement officer.

The Junkyard Dog on Thursday received a written warning about the painted Volkswagen Beetle convertible that has occupied space outside the metal building for several years.

“WARNING – CODE VIOLATION. ACTION REQUIRED” was the heading in red letters.

After a recent inspection, Code Enforcement Officer Ray Moody wrote in his warning letter that a “junk vehicle” was present on the property.

“The vehicle does not have a valid registration or valid inspection and is in a non-operational status,” he wrote.

“In addition, the vehicle is unlawfully parked on a non-paved surface,” he added.

Violating the city’s junk vehicle ordinance (Subchapter 94.02, Chapter 94) is a criminal misdemeanor with fines up to $2,000 for each day the violations exist, the letter warned.

To correct the violation, the Junkyard Dog either must remove the vehicle or register and have the vehicle inspected or remove the vehicle from the property, Moody wrote. The actions must be taken before the next inspection date, “on or before Feb. 4.”

He attached a photograph of the Beetle, which recently was painted an ivory color with sparkles and holds a flower bed in what used to be the seating compartment.

The Current called the Junkyard Dog for comment, but has not received a return call as of this writing. However, on its Facebook page, the business posted this comment:

“Well!! I have been served! Looks like a little piece of happiness has to be removed….”

Within minutes, dozens of people had posted their reaction to the city’s action.

“It doesn’t look like a piece of junk,” Cindy Range wrote on the Junkyard Dog’s Facebook page. It “looks like a precisely placed piece of art.”

Keesha Whitefield Scott used some stronger words.

That’s “flippin INSANE!” she wrote. “People put toilets on in their yard and call it a flower pot, what’s wrong with a maintained car for the purpose in which it’s used?”

Jeriann Marsh said the Bug “looks like a big flower pot to me!!”

“That’s weird and unfair!” Jessie Calkins posted. “I love seeing that bug!!”

Katherine Novak said that Moody “can’t appreciate good art!”

Wanda Smith Comer said she viewed the Bug as an “icon.”

“Every time I go that way I look at the Beetle,” she wrote. “It is art!!!!”

Courtney Williams-Love also had some words for the city.

“Has anybody let the city know that JUNK is the new BLACK! ” she wrote. “Junk is iconic. There are even apps for ‘junk’ to look at while in route to your destination. I would protest it and call it ART. No different than the art cars that are graffitied on Route 66 by travelers! Get to Googling sister….There are plenty of references to fight this!”

Moody could not immediately be reached for comment. However, Glen Rose City Councilman Chris Bryant posted on the Junkyard Dog’s Facebook page that Moody is “just doing his job.”

“If I may, as you probably know, I am on the city council,” Bryant wrote. “But I am more importantly a city citizen.”

“You can’t blame Ray, he is doing his job,” Bryant also posted. “What you can do is try to make a difference. You are the taxpayers, the citizens. If anyone’s voice should be heard, it’s the citizens and business owners. I step up every month, sometimes it goes my way, sometimes it doesn’t. But I take my concerns public every month. I’m friends with a lot of you so I sincerely say, if you want action? Don’t blame and point, step up.”

The Current will file an update as this story develops.






One Response to Junk or art? City’s warning about painted ‘Beetle’ bugs local residents

  1. May Culotta Reply

    January 25, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Good Grief! Leave that pretty little bug alone. I drive by it every day and have seen it go through many transformations, and I just love it! Reminds me of my first new car, one of the first “bugs” in the US. We bug drivers would wave proudly at other bug drivers. This lasted through the first 13 years until I discovered one had to change the oil.

    I was also definitely in favor of the Hollywood sign. Glen Rose needs these two quirky icons. They symbolize something that cannot be described or named easily, but whatever it is, it makes me smile.

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