Iris Broyles to demo online garden planner at Prairie Rose Native Plant Society meeting June 4

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Dr. Iris Broyles, environmental education instructor, writer for Concordia University and owner of Natural Care Gardens in Glen Rose, will present a live demonstration on June 4 of an exciting online garden planner that can simplify your landscape design needs.

She will make the presentation at the next meeting of the Prairie Rose Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Somervell County Citizens Center.

“Mother Earth’s Vegetable Garden Planner” is an online subscription-based gardening program. Although the name refers to vegetable gardens, the program is applicable to any type of landscaping or garden design. You will never need to hand-draw your plan or struggle to remember what you planted where last year or the year before.

The garden planner will supply the tools for you to easily construct your garden or landscape area with actual dimensions and objects. Once you design your garden template, you just drag in your plants, raised beds, trees, etc., and make changes easily as needed.

Save your design each year and plant rotation becomes a breeze. In addition, the software tracks frost dates, assists with planting schedules, allows for planning of spring and fall garden simultaneously and keeps track of varieties planted. All plant and object labels are customizable to fit your project.

The chapter also has a new Facebook page and website. Check them regularly for updates: and


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