Hospital district election recount does not change outcome; see who signed the petition

By Kathryn Jones


In the interest of promoting government transparency, the Glen Rose Current recently obtained under the Texas Public Information Act a copy of the petition calling for a recount of the May 11 hospital district election and the list of the people who signed it.

See it here: Petition Requesting a Recount

The Current previously published the list of people who signed the petition requesting the hospital district election.

On Friday morning, all votes — including early votes — were recounted by hand in front of two witnesses for those who opposed the hospital district and two who supported it. The witnesses for the opposing side were Janice Stalling and Bobby Willy. The witnesses for the supporting side were James Burkhart and Allen Sumners.

The outcome was the same as the totals reported on Saturday — 740 for, 738 against. Two provisional ballots were thrown out because the addresses of the voters could not be verified, Elections Administrator and Voter Registrar Cathy Thomas said.

The votes will be canvassed by the Somervell County Commissioners at a called meeting at 9:30 a.m. Monday at the County Annex.



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