Hospital board hears of accreditation, approves bylaws changes


Courtesy of Glen Rose News

Photo courtesy of Glen Rose Medical Center

Photo courtesy of Glen Rose Medical Center

The Somervell County Hospital District board of directors at its last meeting learned that Glen Rose Medical Center again has received accreditation by a top standards organization and approved two amendments to its bylaws.

At the meeting, held on June 26 at the Somervell County Citizens Center, the board

was told that GRMC in May underwent an unannounced on-site survey by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The Joint Commission sets forth standards in key areas that affect quality of patient care, and GRMC again retained its accreditation.

To remain accredited, GRMC must undergo and pass the survey team’s assessment every three years. GRMC’s laboratory is coming up for its site survey, which is given every two years.

The board also heard the financial report for May from Michael Honea, GRMC’s chief financial officer. He said the hospital had 50 admissions in May, which fell short of the 65 budgeted, and lower than the 55 the month before.

However, outpatient business was strong, Honea said, which helped boost gross revenues to $3,376,545.

Net income for May was $177,781. So far this year, the hospital earned $770,401, but has a consolidated loss of $21,132.

Expenses were $1,298,920, under budget by $113,268, Honea said. Total collections were $1,108,151 and net revenue totaled $1,078,062.

Positive cash flow for May totaled $276,312, with a positive cash flow of $511,316 for the year so far.

In his report, Chief Executive Officer Ray Reynolds noted the Dr. Pierre Laughton, an internal medicine physician, began practicing on June 2 in the clinic adjacent to Best Value Pharmacy. He joins Dr. Julia Hutchison as an internal medicine physician.

“These are physicians that historically admit more patients to the hospital, so we’re very pleased to have them,” Reynolds said.

GRMC also will add another physician in September.

“That’s why we recruit additional physicians, to build our volume,” Reynolds said. “We are a volume-driven business.”

As the new doctors build their practices, Reynolds said he expected hospital admissions to rise.

The board also discussed changes to several bylaws, including scheduling an orientation session for board directors. Board Secretary Paul Harper said he would like to see the orientation done same day board members are sworn in after election.

“It would put everybody on a better footing to start with,” board Chairman John Parker commented.

Board member Ronald Hankins noted that the orientation lasted more than four hours. He said it made sense to him to wait a bit longer.

“If the board weren’t in such a hurry to go somewhere the very first day, as far as I’m concerned it’s not an issue,” Hankins said. “You’ve got to crawl before you walk and walk before you run.”

“Our first meeting we didn’t do very much,” Parker responded. “It didn’t last very long.”

“Well, no, but you started changing rules before you even knew what the rules were,” Hankins said. “ And Paul (Harper)’s position on that is you should know what the rules were. Well, you’ve got bylaws; you’re going to take a little time to go through those. I’m just saying there’s too much hurry.”

Harper said he believed there should be some timeline for scheduling orientation and it didn’t have to be the first day. He suggested changing the wording to require the board to schedule the orientation within 30 days.

Board members unanimously approved that change.

The other approved amendment was to include email as a means for communicating with the board.

“Right now we have to mail letters to board members, including agendas for meetings,” Harper noted.

Board members agreed that including email made sense. Any director who doesn’t have email will receive a letter or fax or have a communication such as an agenda delivered by hand.

The next meeting of the board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. July 31, rather than the previously announced date of July 24. The meeting will take place at the Somervell County Citizens Center.


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