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Inspired by content-sharing public service news sites such as The Texas Tribune and ProPublica, the Glen Rose Current now offers its content at no cost to other news organizations.

We ask that you abide by a few ground rules:
* Please preserve bylines and credit stories to the Glen Rose Current (example: By Kathryn Jones, Glen Rose Current).
* At the beginning or end of the story, please provide a link back to the original piece.
* Don’t edit the story except to cut for length or to change timing (“yesterday” or “today” versus day of the week), customize to your location (pull out data that pertains to your particular city or county, for example, or to say “here” rather than a city or county) or conform to in-house style rules.
* Don’t publish photos and graphics we have taken from other sources because we may not have the copyright to pass along.
* When you publish one of our stories, please send us a link so we have a record. This could come in handy when submitting work for awards, applying for grants, etc.
If you have any questions, please call Editor Kathryn Jones at 254/974-0326 or email her at Thanks for your interest in the Glen Rose Current!

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