First meeting planned for ‘Envision Somervell County’

Innovation-With-Todays-TechnologyBy Kathryn Jones


The economic development initiative known as “Envision Somervell County” plans to holds its first meeting July 17 to start positioning the city and county for economic growth.

Rhonda Cagle, president of the Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce, outlined the plans at last week’s monthly luncheon chamber meeting. It was a packed house with more than 40 people attending.

Cagle said that a group of 20 investors with a vision for Glen Rose and the county have met together for the past few months. Wes Jurey of The Center for Innovation in Arlington also has been involved in putting together an economic development plan for the city and county.

“As someone who was born in this wonderful county, I have a personal passion for the community to grow and thrive,” Cagle said. “This can only happen if the whole community is on board and has the same vision.

“We all have different areas of expertise in the economic development plan with everyone having many ideas of how this should look,” she added. “Our goal is to develop a community-based comprehensive economic development plan and strategy for the entire county.”

The process will involve citizens, business leaders and local officials and other stakeholders in a series of “visioning exercises” to build a consensus “leading to a blueprint for creating more jobs and a stronger Somervell County,” Cagle said.

The Center for Innovation, a nonprofit technology-based economic development corporation, will help guide the process and serve as a “neutral facilitator” to help the community identify opportunities and develop a plan of action, Cagle added.

“The plan will include assessment of assets, community strengths and identifying areas of opportunity for growth,” she said.

The first meeting will be held at Still Water Lodge at 10 a.m. on July 17, with lunch at noon and adjournment at 1 p.m. Jurey will be present at the meeting.

Those attending will be seated around different tables that discuss will topics, come to a consensus of the top four or five ideas and discuss them as a group. Then each table will report on the ideas and opportunities discussed.

Cagle invited everyone at the chamber meeting to participate.

“You are leaders and important people in this community who people trust,” Cagle said. “My challenge for you is to come up with areas you see are important to the economic growth of this community.”




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