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By Kathryn Jones


imgres-1Of all the statewide candidates in the May runoff, the one to draw the highest percentage of votes in conservative Somervell County was…Democrat Wendy Davis?

The gubernatorial candidate received 91 percent of the Democratic primary vote in that race. But that’s saying not much because she got just 40 votes out of 44 cast.

Republican Greg Abbott also did well among Somervell County voters, nabbing 88 percent of the Republican primary vote — 1,450 out of 1,656 votes cast in that race for a GOP candidate.

The musician/mystery novelist/Texas eclectic icon Kinky Friedman also did well in Somervell County, drawing 58 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary. OK, that’s also not saying much considering only 43 people in the county voted for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in the Democratic Primary. But the Kinkster clobbered his closest challenger, Jim Hogan, who drew 30 percent in Somervell County.

It’s safe to say that Somervell County likely is going to go for the Republican candidate in November, though, and the candidate for Ag Commissioner who did the best in the Republican primary was Sid Miller, Somervell County’s former state representative for District 59.

Miller carried Somervell County with 57 percent of the Republican vote in his race, compared with 8 percent for Tommy Merritt. But statewide, voters weren’t quite as enthusiastic for Miller, whose total was almost 35 percent across the state.

In races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller and railroad commissioner, county percentages weren’t that far off from statewide percentages. See all the totals below.

And which candidate drew the least amount of voters in Somervell County in the statewide runoff races? That dubious honor belongs to Kesha Rogers, Democratic Party candidate for U.S. Senate, who got just three votes.

Somervell County Totals for State Runoff Candidates

State percentage is in parentheses so you can see how Somervell County voters compared with those statewide. The second figure, total votes, is how many people voted for that race in that primary.

Governor — Republican 

Greg Abbott

1,450 votes

1,656 total votes

88 percent (91.5)


Governor — Democratic

Wendy Davis

40 votes

44 total votes

91 percent (79.05)


Lieutenant Governor — Republican

David Dewhurst

477 votes

1653 total votes

29 percent (28.31)


Dan Patrick

564 votes

1,653 total votes

34 percent (41.45)


Attorney General — Republican 

Dan Branch

610 votes

1,499 total votes

41 percent (33.49)


Ken Paxton

664 votes

1,499 total votes

44 percent (44.44)


Comptroller — Republican 

Glenn Hegar

637 votes

1,394 total votes

46 percent (49.99)


Harvey Hildebran

267 votes

1,394 total votes

19 percent (26.01)


Agriculture Commissioner — Republican 

Sid Miller

876 votes

1,531 total votes

57 percent (34.58)


Tommy Merritt

127 votes

1,531 votes

8 percent (20.95)


Agriculture Commissioner — Democratic

Jim Hogan

13 votes

43 total votes

30 percent (38.8)


Richard “Kinky” Friedman

25 votes

43 total votes

58 percent (37.74)


 Railroad Commissioner — Republican 

Wayne Christian

631 votes

1,307 total votes

48 percent (46.68)


Ryan Sitton

296 votes

1,307 total votes

23 percent (30.52)


U.S. Senate — Democratic

David Alameel

21 votes

42 total votes

50 percent (47.06)


Kesha Rogers

3 votes

42 total votes

7 percent (21.72)


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