Chamber to hold countywide forum on ‘Soaring to 2024′ report

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The Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce this week said it will hold a countywide forum to discuss the findings of an economic development report and to launch the project’s second phase.

The meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 13, at 6 p.m. at Glen Rose Junior High’s auditorium. The public is invited to attend.

“We are pleased to submit for your review the Phase 1 report of ‘Soaring to 2024’ that identifies the priority issues deemed critical to our ‘regional community’s future,” the chamber project steering committee said in an email to investors in the program.

The steering committee is comprised of Rhonda Cagle, Marilyn Phillips, Chandler McClay, Tryce Berend and Nichole Belford.

The priority issues were identified as a result of a four-month process that engaged more than 50 business, education, community and business leaders and elected officials, facilitated by the Center for Innovation, a Texas based NGO.

Following the forum, the chamber plans to circulate the report throughout Somervell County. The purpose in doing so, it said, is to:

  1. Engage all community stakeholders in a broad discussion about the  county’s economic future;
  2. Develop community awareness, understanding and support of the project’s recommendations; and
  3. Ensure Somervell County maintains its focus on being “citizen driven” in defining priorities and implementing plans and initiatives, working in partnership with community partners, to achieve common goals.

The report format is designed to frame each issue, provide a brief statement of the current status and propose the action that would confront the challenge and/or resolve the issue, the chamber said.

In 2015, the chamber plans to launch the next phase of the project, using the community input from Phase II to implement a “manageable number of high value-high-return, actionable ideas that can be used to guide the formulation of both public policy and strategic initiatives in the coming decade.

“In doing so, the project leadership will strive to identify and work with the organizational stakeholders within Somervell County best suited to lead each initiative,” the chamber steering committee said in its statement.

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